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AdBlue Delete Emissions Solution

AdBlue Delete Emissions Solution

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Voor elke 2.0, 2.7 en 3.0tdi diesel motor van VAG

Audi - Volkswagen - Seat - Skoda !


Please be aware we do not take any liability for the misuse of this software.

This software may not comply with emissions regulations in your country. Therefore it is sold only for use in off road and race applications outside of emissions testing and road regulations.

AdBlue is probably the final emissions system we will see on diesel passenger cars. It was introduced from around 2014 in the VAG TDI line-up offering even lower emissions figures. So what exactly is AdBlue or Urea as it is called in international markets.

AdBlue or SCR is a selective catalyst reductant so in essence similar to a DPF your car has an additional catalyst designed to trap some of the harmful particles exiting your engine down the exhaust. The AdBlue itself is a water/urea mixture that is then injected into this catalyst which through a chemical reaction turns the pollutants into harmless water.

In theory the technology sounds great, it takes bad stuff and turns it to water. Sadly the realities of any new innovation is that it also comes with a number of common faults. AdBlue systems being a mandated requirement for emissions classes (Euro6) have to be operational, if your car develops a fault a countdown will begin on your dash. The countdown will start at approximately 1,500 miles and keep going down until eventually your car will not start again.

AdBlue faults are often expensive to get rectified whether its a failed sensor or replacement injectors, wiring or even the tank itself. The worst part often is because of how frequent failures are and the never ending shortage of parts the stuff you need is on backorder with no indication of delivery. With our AdBlue emissions solution you can simply disable this feature from your car, no expensive repair and no more topping up that tank either. If you then go ahead and want to reverse this feature after having the system repaired you can return to stock anytime.

Please note this product does not offer any performance gains. If you are looking for more power to go along with your emissions solutions you need to look at our stage 2 tunes!

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