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TDI Flasher

Stage 1 ECU Tune VAG Diesel

Stage 1 ECU Tune VAG Diesel

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Voor elke 2.0, 2.7 en 3.0tdi diesel motor van VAG

Audi - Volkswagen - Seat - Skoda !


Improve the power and efficiency of your vehicle, remap your car from home with a genuine calibrated ECU tune.

Our "Stage 1" tunes are designed for stock cars with standard hardware offering a trouble free solution. By reprogramming the ECU (engine control unit) we are able to control every aspect of the combustion process and our tunes continue the factory logic. Retaining an as stock drivability while unlocking the hidden potential of your engine.

With access to the many thousands of tables within the OEM control unit we are able to perfectly optimise the boost pressure, rail pressure, injection quantities, start points and duration while retaining the safety targets put in place by the manufacturer. This is by far the most comprehensive tuning product available for the platform.

If you are looking to solve emission solutions alongside a tune we would recommend you check out our "Stage 2" tune.


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