How to become a Tuningservice Huizen dealer - reseller?


U need to have skills ;-) that means u need to have good equipment, tuning tools and datalog tools.

U need to have master tools, or linked slave tools to our master.

U can make a good datalog, meaning a datalog in gear 1 or 2 will be ignored and we don't make any revision's based on bad datalogs.

U work on EU type cars, in good condition and able to find and diagnose problems.

A  dynometer is nice to have but not mandatory.

Your shop is located outside of the Netherlands.

U need to speak English, and have patience to give your client the best results possible.

We make software full custom to your needs, so sometimes it takes time!

U need to be realistic, meaning don't ask us to tune a Golf7r on ron95 to 420hp.

U need to respect our Dutch (Amsterdam) timezone, sometimes we can work late when discussed upfront.

Payments are done upfront only on the webshop.

Don't negotiate about prices, work hard and earn respect comes first.

U need to understand tuning is adding power, and so adding risk for failures on hardware.

We use Skype or Whatsapp to chat, and tranfer your files, your original file is need to be sent directly when u do the payment of your selected tune (green upload button)

By making a payment, u accept our no refund and no return policy that u can find on the homepage.

Need a Chat? feel free to contact us.

+31653183928 ( Whatsapp ) 

carsoftwaretuning ( Skype )



No ambition to become a dealer, but just pay for our service is also possible?


Yes this is possible, upload your file & start a chat on Skype or Whatsapp and tell us what u need.

this service is available worldwide.



 Bflash datalog

Autotuner datalog


A good datalog is made from 2000 rpm till max rpm. ( like in the pictures )

Don't sent u 10 minute datalogs please :-( 

Start your record in your choosen gear from low to high rpm, and stop the log!

For most cars a gear 4 or 5 will be oke to make a good datalog.




Worldwide official authorised software dealers of Tuningservice Huizen

Only this partners are able to use our software outside of the Netherlands.

Any other official partner will be listed here, if it's not on the page? they are not a official reseller or dealer point.




Racelab India (Vinod)



Ningbo Bochuang Yuancheng Trading Co., Ltd

This is also the officlal GT-Flasher China dealer!



Elite-R Autoworks (Andrew)