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TDI Flasher

EGR Delete Emissions Solution

EGR Delete Emissions Solution

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Voor elke 2.0, 2.7 en 3.0tdi diesel motor van VAG

Audi - Volkswagen - Seat - Skoda !


Please be aware this product is not in place of a mechanical solution. In most instances a faulty EGR can be solved with software however in some cases the EGR may be physically stuck open in which case it should be blanked.

We do not take any liability for the misuse of this software.

This software may not comply with emissions regulations in your country. Therefore it is sold only for use in off road and race applications outside of emissions testing and road regulations.

 So what exactly is a EGR? EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation, it does exactly what it sounds like, it takes air from within the exhaust chamber post turbo and recirculates it through the manifold pre-turbo. This strategy was introduced in order to reduce the emissions being expelled by the car as it essentially uses the same air twice in order to improve efficiency. It has perhaps one advantage in that it can improve warm up times (also an important factor OEM's take into account when looking at emissions) but short of that it has been compared to breathing in your own farts. 

Because the air is recirculated it already contains quite a lot of carbons, as it travels through the system this carbon build up will increase causing the valve to become blocked. As the airway gets restricted further and further so does the performance of your car. A fully blocked EGR is likely to trigger at the least an engine light relating to expected air flow and in most cases limp mode.

In most cases simply telling the EGR to remain shut solves the running issues and in some customer's opinions offers a better driving and feeling vehicle.

Please note this product does not offer any performance gains. If you are looking for more power to go along with your emissions solutions you need to look at our stage 2 tunes!

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